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Exploring Pet Friendly Places in Ireland

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Discover the best places to go with your fur companion in Dublin.


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Planning a trip? Don't leave you furry companion behind! Discover pet friendly accommodations in Ireland!


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Meet our Pet Friendly Explorers! The Dublin dogs responsible for making a more pet friendly country!
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Keep an eye on all our Pet Friendly adventures! Reviews, opinions and curiosities!


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Who are we?

   Hey there! Welcome to Pet Friendly Dublin!

   I am Carolina, but please call me Carol, my husband and I are dog lovers at an immeasurable level. Raphael has had dogs around since forever, and I have been working with dogs for almost ten years now. Honestly, we think that life is fantastic if you have a lovable fur one beside you.

   Back in March 2020, we decided to make more for the pet community in Dublin and started the Pet Friendly Dublin. As we know, not all places in the city welcome our fur companions, and because we consider pets as family, we would like to have more options to take them out with us more often. 

    Although the current scenario in Dublin is way better than a couple of years ago, it is still hard to find pet friendly places. We intend to make it fast and easy to find good locations we all can enjoy with our pets, whatever you are searching for somewhere or just walking by and feeling like having a coffee.


   In this short period we started our search, we already found out so much, and we feel that there is so much more that we can do to support this business and make Ireland more pet friendly. As we are growing together as a community, we will open the doors to new places to become pet friendly. All this, without forgetting the most important thing: we want everyone to have a blast with their furry companions.  

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