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Lake lodge Kerry

Room's price starting at (€):


Additional fee for pets:


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Guhard North, Co. Kerry, V31 YR40, Ireland

Pets are allowed in:

Other communal areas;Our lake house is one large opened space, pets to have their own dog bed.

lnfo for Pets

✔ Owners must bring there own dog beds for hygiene
✔ Own bowls and dog food must be brought with you
✔ When outside the Lodge dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

We appreciate all the above to be followed and if ye have any questions please let us know.


A unique creative space our Lake Lodge is nestled within woodland overlooking a picturesque lake in the beautiful countryside of north Kerry, the gateway to the Kingdom. This cozy self contained Lodge is a stand alone property in complete privacy

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(87) 951 8268


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