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Join as "Places"

    Cafes, Pubs and Restaurants are the core of our platform, our community loves to go out and have the opportunity the have their furry companions with them. 

    In the website, users can quickly identify the best places to go, and what to expect regarding how their pets would be welcomed there.

    We all care and appreciate who goes the extra mile, respects and treat our beloved furry friend as an important client. So whenever possible, with or without our pets, we do our best to support pet friendly business, either dining in, having a quick stop for a takeaway or having it delivered at our places.

    I truly believe if you are reading this, you are a pet lover with a pet friendly business, so regardless of how your shop is currently operating, you can manage to be part of it. We would love hearing from you. Fill in our "Pet Friendly Places" form and help make Dublin and region a more pet friendly city.

    If you have a pet friendly business from outside of Dublin, don’t worry! We’re working on a section that will fit your business perfectly! If you want to be in the first listing when this section is ready, fill our online form out, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have this section ready!


Online Form Link:

    If you have a pet friendly business in Dublin, click here.

  If you have a pet friendly business in Ireland, but outside Dublin, click here.

Pet Friendly Stickers:

    If you are interested in our Pet Friendly Stickers, to display in your place, you can read more about the benefits here.

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