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Pet Friendly Stickers

Hi. I’m glad that you have an interest in our Pet Friendly Sticker!


The segment for dog owners must be taken into account as Ireland is one of the countries where more households own at least one dog in the EU, showing us that more than ⅓ of families have dogs in this country (Statista, 2018). Be prepared for this new trend of customers that is growing! As a way of helping dog owners to know where they can go, you can display the Pet Friendly Sticker and make customers more confident to go inside your cafe/restaurant/pub.

Recently we ran a pool with over a 100 respondents that showed us that 43% of respondents go to pet friendly places once or more a week, 14% once a fortnight and 18% at least once a month. The numbers showed us that customers might feel insecure about entering pet friendly places with their dogs for the first time, even though they already heard that dogs are allowed in the place. That leads us to 98% of respondents agreeing that they would feel more confident to enter these places if they had displayed by the door that they are in pet friendly business. 

To help you to understand a bit more about the Pet Friendly Sticker, we have some information below.  


What is our Pet Friendly Sticker?

We designed our Pet Friendly Sticker to make it clear at your door that dogs are welcome in your place. The sticker in beautiful full colour is 10x10cm and will fit well the space you have available in your entrance.


Why should you acquire a Pet Friendly Sticker?

  •   Potential customers will know by the door that dogs are allowed in your place and feel more confident to stop by when walking their dogs.

  •   The sticker is a marketing tool

    • According to our recent pool, 79% of our respondents use social media to discover new places to visit and 11% use websites. This makes social media marketing essential for modern business. 

    • We will post more often on our social media and website (blog) about the businesses that have our stickers.

    • Our page will launch campaigns to encourage dog owners to visit and take photos of their dogs in places that have our stickers.

    • The businesses that have our sticker will be highlighted on our website interactive map. 

How much will the Pet Friendly Sticker cost?

Nothing. We want to support and see businesses thriving and making Ireland each day more pet friendly. 


How can you acquire the Pet Friendly Sticker?

Fill up our form, and we’ll have all the information we need to send or deliver your Pet Friendly Sticker.

Form Link: 


Welcome to our pack! It’s great to have you with us!

Carol and Raph

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