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Dog Friendly Road Trip: Enniskillen, Bundoran, Omagh and Monaghan

Glamping, pups, pints, parks and coffee. What else could I want for for my birthday?

This is a short blog post about a road trip with the dogs through Ireland and a small portion of northern Ireland. I hope it inspires you to go on your next adventure and helps you find new places. So grab a backpack and plenty of treats, and let's go!

We left Dublin for Bundoran Beach in County Donegal. A three-hour drive from Dublin's city centre. But what I enjoy most about road trips is what you can discover along the way.


The first stop is the Enniskillen dog park in Northern Ireland. We made a quick stop at the dog park so the dogs could eat. The dog park was surprisingly clean, large, and divided into two sections for large and small dogs.

Enniskillen is also close to Lower Lough Erne, where we found a parking spot and took the dogs for a swim (definitely not their favorite part of the trip, but I'm sure it will grow into them). They enjoyed the forest around the lake, and everyone who passed by was very friendly to them.

Bundoran, Co Donegal

Bundoran Beach is well-known for its excellent surfing conditions, but it also appeals to both humans and their canines. Sand on the floor, dogs playing, sea waves, and positive energy all around.

It is important to note that dogs are not permitted on the beach before 11 a.m. or after 7 p.m. Keep an eye on the time ;)

We had a quick bite at Atlantic Aparthotel before heading to the glamping. We sat outside, tried the burgers from the local food truck, and drank some beer from the pub. We hadn't really asked about dogs being allowed because the weather was so nice that we wouldn't be sitting inside anyway.

Glamping in Omagh, NI:

We booked our stay on Airbnb and had a great time at Meadows Campfield.

Helena, the hostess, welcomed us and the dogs with open arms. She only asked that we clean up after the dogs and not let them run free in the fields, which I think is only fair. The property's grounds include a river walk, which is ideal for dog toilet breaks.

The cabin is a compact space with two comfortable single beds, chairs, a BBQ, and a kettle. The bathroom and small kitchen were shared with the other camping guests.

In my opinion, the location is ideal if you enjoy the camping atmosphere, meeting other people who enjoy traveling and camping, and the cabin comes in handy if you don't like sleeping on the floor or putting up your own tent.

Omagh has beautiful parks and walks, but the weather was changing, so we decided to go south. Monaghan was another pleasant surprise on our way home.


Monaghan was one of my favorite places to take the dogs. First and foremost, we stopped by Coffee Break with Barbara. Dogs are welcome both indoors and outdoors, and the staff is the friendliest we've ever met. They brought them two large water bowls and Harrys Bakery peanut butter treats (one of their favourites).

I recommend the salmon and goat cheese salad and the nutella and strawberry crepe. Simply delightful! They know what they're doing!

We also went to Rossmore Forest Park, which is a beautiful place to walk after eating. In case you need a coffee fix, there is also a coffee container beside the car park.

What impressed me the most about Monaghan was how simple it was to find places to visit with dogs. Not all establishments allow dogs in their indoor areas, but for more options in Monaghan, try Granny Graham's, Dinkin's, Matilda's Bakery and Delicatessen in Carrickmacross, and Courthouse restaurant.

And we were on our way back to Dublin. :)

We had a short trip, with so many sights to see and so little time, but we enjoyed every stop. I hope this blog inspires you to bring your dog along to new places to visit with your pups because life is too short to not spend it with your best furry friend.

Have you been travelling around Ireland or Northern Ireland with your pet and want to share the wonderful places you've discovered? Send us an email at or DM us on social media. We'd love to spread the word about businesses that go above and beyond for our four-legged friends.

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