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Dog friendly road trip to Wicklow: Crone Woods & Enniskerry Village 

If you've always wanted to start hiking with the dogs or if you’re looking for a new and quiet place to try, this post is for you!

We’ve tried some other trails with Mona and Scooby before, like Howth, for example. Even though Howth is one of my favourite places, there were a lot of hikers even during the weekdays. So we decided to try somewhere new and headed south this time.

Crone Woods is one of my favourite forests. If you keep your eyes peeled, you can find wildlife walking by, like rabbits or deer. It’s a 1-hour drive from Dublin city centre, but if you are more in the south area, it’s even closer.

Maulin Trail:

  • Leight: 5 Km

  • Time: 2 - 3 hours

  • Difficulty level: strenuous

  • Metres Climb: 350

  • Loop trail: starts and finishes at Crone Woods Car Park

  • Trail Way Marking: Red

  • Dogs must be kept under control as there are livestock and wildlife living in that area. Clean up after your dog.

Even though this is considered a strenuous trail, I personally thought it wasn’t that difficult, especially for the dogs. Although there are some steep hills, the hike gives back with its beautiful views and the sound of robins singing.

As it’s a loop, you can choose to go straight ahead or turn left. We took the first left. After around 20 minutes, we had a privileged view of the Powerscourt Waterfall, known as Ireland’s highest waterfall. The rest of the trail displays stunning forest and mountain views.

We had a little picnic off trail, recharged our batteries, and headed back to the car park.

The day was cloudy/sunny and the temperature was mild, which means it was perfect for good exercise with the pups.

We went on this hike on a Monday and saw 6 people and zero dogs throughout the day. During the weekends the trail gets busier but still not as much as others, which means it can be a great option if your dog needs more space than others.

What we took with us:

For the car trip:

  • Car back seat cover

  • Seat belts that would be attached to our dogs’ harnesses.

  • Towels (in case it rains, or muddy paws)

For the trail:

  • Doggy water bottle that also has a bowl attached, to make it easier to keep them hydrated during the hike.

  • Dog treats

  • Poo bags

  • Long lead to give the dogs a bit more freedom and still keep them under control

  • Cute dog bandana (because why not, right?)

  • Dog food*

*As Scooby and Mona are used to having a meal in the middle of the day, we packed their dog food and offered a light lunch on our lunch break. We rested for a while after eating, and they were ready to finish the hike. ;)

Enniskerry Village & Poppies

One of the highlights of the region is Enniskerry Village, which I consider a "must visit" when we are around there.

We stopped by Poppies Café, a pet friendly café that welcomes doggie visitors in their indoor and outdoor areas. The staff were super nice, and there were dog treats on their counter and water bowls in the front of the café. They display not only one but two stickers on their entrance saying that dogs are welcome.

Food and coffee are also delish, especially enjoyed on a lovely sunny day.

PS. The Bear Paw Deli in Enniskerry Village is also pet friendly

At this point, we took our way back home after that, but the region has many other things to see, like the Lough Tay (Guinness Lake), Ps. I Love you Bridge, Victor’s Way and if we keep going, we’ll end up in Glendalough, which is one of the most beautiful places!

But this is for another day. I hope this post inspires you to try some hiking with your pooches this summer. And if you come across any adventures, tag us and let us know!

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