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How we celebrated Dog Friendly lreland Day 2021

Dog Friendly Ireland Day 2021 was one of the best days of all!

While Ireland is definitely not one of the most pet friendly countries in Europe, on the 25th of June, we were able to celebrate what we have achieved until now and much more that is yet to come.

For your information:

Dogs weren't allowed by law in food serving establishments until November 2017!

It was quite a short time ago, and now, it's up to the business owners to decide if dogs will be welcome in their cafes/bars/restaurants or not. That's why we are so grateful for the places welcoming our furry friends so well.

But dog owners are still facing so many difficulties in their daily lives: public transport, renting a house, taking their dog on holidays and staycations, taking their dog to work.

We know that there is a lot to be improved, but that's exactly why Dog Friendly Ireland Day exists, to bring awareness and start making a change.

The celebration:

We couldn't be more grateful for all of you that took part in this fantastic day. We had over 30 cafes, pubs and restaurants displaying their support to our national dog friendly day and Dogs Trust.

This year everything was still a bit complicated because of COVID, but we will make much more noise in 2022! Hope to see you all with us there!

Our dog Mona had such a brilliant time!! First of all, she took the DART and visited Bray! After enjoying the beach, she stopped by Glovers and Beach Park. It was a big party there. We left "Employee of the month" dog bandanas and decorations. Although I think Mona was much happier with the sausage that the staff at Gaucho's Dog gave her.

Our day wasn't over! We stopped by The Barbers for a pint, and they were kindly giving FREE DOG BEERS for the furry visitors! That's how you win a dog's heart! 😂

It was such a fantastic day for her!

Other places that made dog's days special

Dash Container was giving free puppuccinos the whole weekend.

Hen's Teeth: the artist Ross Carvill will be there drawing dog owners and their pooches. The price includes your framed portrait on the finest of art paper, a complimentary hot drink and a treat for the doggy visitors.

And we couldn't forget to mention: Honey Truffle, Grindstone, Kale + Coco, The Martello, Pucklane, Heroes Cafe, ThunderRoad, Surge Coffee, Bold & Brass, Le Comptoir, Brindle Coffee and Wine, Little Bird, Steaming Cups, The Cosy Bean, and Cob Coffee.

All of you did a fantastic job, and you helped to bring awareness and also helped to raise money for a great cause: rescue dogs!


We had such an incredible raffle in aid of Dogs Trust! We had so many prizes!

Huge thank you to the businesses that donated prizes to our raffle: ThunderRoad Café, Grindstone, Mayfield Eatery, Dash Container, Surge Coffee, The Martello, Petstop Ireland, Animal support Clothing, K9 Connectables, Petfix Club, Kopi & Co, Mozy&Co, Swaggles, Barking Mad Pet Boutique, Pawtique, Butter Biscuit,, The Pettacular Bakery, Waggypooch, Ecomutt, Bold Pup, Petgreets, Little Miss Cindy, Pawsitive Pup Boutique, and The Scoop Ireland !

We raised more than €2000 in aid of Dogs Trust! Thank you to everyone that entered the raffle, shared our posts, or told a friend about it. You all are PAWsome! :)

Oh, and a very special thank you to Honey Truffle, that made such a generous donation! ❤️

The truth is that it's a long way until we get a pet friendly country. But I always say that it's puppy steps. One at a time, we'll get there. And with a fantastic community of dog lovers as you're yourselves, I'm sure we'll get there!

I end this blog post with my heart full of gratitude and hoping for more days like this one.