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K9 Connectables - new range experience

Since I heard of K9 Connectables and found out that they are a Dublin based company, I’ve been dying to try their products with our dogs - and we finally did with their new range!

First things first... What is K9 Connectables?

They are a Dublin based small business that created enrichment toys for dogs. The toys promote mental, physical and dental stimulation. All toys connect together, and there are different levels of difficulty - you can create loads of different puzzles for your dog.

Enrichment is an essential part of a dog's life, and K9 Connectables offers an easy way to introduce it to your dogs routine.

Our experience

We have two dogs, and they are the exact opposite of one from another. While Scooby is an enthusiastic chewer, Mona is gentle. With the help of these two canine reviewers, I’ll tell you now a bit of our experience with the new range of enrichment toys we tried from K9 Connectables.

As you can connect the toys in many different ways; and our pups are only starting, we are keeping it simple, combining 2 to 3 toys tops. Every day we try different combinations of toys and treats, being creative to surprise our little doggos with something new.

We chose Scooby to try Tuff Toothies and Brain Teaser as he's a strong chewer. Also added Super Sticker to the combination; these are the 3 new products K9 Connectables launched today.

We used the Super Sticker to stick the toys to the wall and floor - it works very well, especially on the glass. It also balances the toys’ combination even when not stuck. Tuff Toothies is already one of Scooby’s favourites. We stuffed it with banana, peanut butter and blueberries, and we added the K9 Connectables treats to the sides so that it could get extra enjoyable. Brain Teaser is a star shaped toy with 4 connections - so many possibilities with this one.

Mona tried the starter pack and also Super Sticker. She’s definitely in love with them. She spends a good time trying to solve the puzzles to get the treats, and that’s excellent as she usually sleeps the whole afternoon when we are busy working from home.

I must confess that I was a bit sceptical that our dogs would be able to break the connections and find the treats inside. 😂

That only means that after a long time our dogs were trying, I was the proudest dog mom ever when they solved their first puzzle.

You can find out more about K9 Connectables, their products and order the new toys here:

Our dogs have only been testing the toys for a few days now, and we already love them.

Have you ever tried K9 Connectables toys? Let us know what you think about them.

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