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No pooch left behind

If you don't know the big inspiration of our website/page yet, I introduce you to Mona and Scooby. All that we do, we do for them, and we only have Pet Friendly Dublin now because of them.

A brief story of our dogs:

Mona was adopted by Rapha and me when she was a puppy back in 2015. She's a 100% mutt! 😂

She is a lady. She's really gentle and independent. She has always had a happy and healthy life since we adopted her! Here's a photo of Mona now a days and another of her when we first brought her home.

Scooby was rescued in 2017 after being hit by a car in front of my mother. She didn't think twice and put Scooby inside her car and brought him home. Scooby was very sick and thin; we decided that he would stay with us until he gets better; It took around two months for him to be healthy again, but it only took one week for us to be sure that he wasn't going anywhere. Here's a photo of Scooby now a days and another of the day we rescued him.

Years passed, and they were always the lights of our lives, but we had to follow our dreams, and those dreams took us away from Brazil and brought us to Ireland! The pups stayed with our parents temporarily, and we didn't really expect to love living here - I mean, the weather is really different in Ireland.

But we did love living here.

As we were settled in Dublin and planning to stay for good, we started to think about bringing the dogs. Although we were concerned as the journey to get here would be super stressful and challenging for them. You seriously can't even imagine all sorts of stories we heard.

We would have to be brave and bring them if we wanted to have our family together again. And that's how Pet Friendly Dublin was born. We decided to have them here with us and that we wanted that life of "going out for coffee on a Sunday morning with the dogs" for ourselves.

Also, in March 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic began, which made it much more difficult for us to travel and bring them.

Until I couldn't wait anymore, it had to be done! I travelled to Brazil and had to stay there during the process - it was a long process, and everything was much more difficult because of COVID 19.

And all the nights planning the best way to have them in Ireland, all the anxiety, the fear; it all faded away in mid 2021.

They travelled on hold with KLM. The airline was perfect with them; they arrived a bit scared, thirsty and stressed, but they are perfectly fine.

We are all together now; the hole in our hearts is finally fulfilled. They are super excited to visit all the pet friendly places we've been telling them about; very curious about puppuccinos and pupcakes.

This is the story of how we created Pet Friendly Dublin and how we couldn't leave our pooches behind.

Many times I heard, "It's just a dog!", "Why don't you buy a dog here? It's cheaper". Anyone who says something like that can't understand that dogs are not replaceable. They are family.

It doesn't matter how far we go; they will always be with us.

That was the longest journey of their lives, but their adventures are just beginning. I highly recommend you to keep an eye on their adventures. I might be biased, but daaamn, they are so cute!

Carolina Tucci

Pet Friendly Dublin

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