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Pet Friendly Team is getting bigger!

Have you heard about our news? Our small team is getting bigger!!

Our main goal was always to discover new places and spread the word so everybody can benefit from these fantastic bars, restaurants and cafes that welcome our furry companions! Now, this mission is not only ours anymore. Pet Friendly Dublin is becoming a dedicated community of dog lovers, and as you know, together we can do so much more!

To make things official, last week we launched our Pet Friendly Kits! That means that now you and your dog have everything necessary to be an official pet friendly explorer!!

What is in the pet friendly kit?

  • 1x Tote bag

  • 1x Pet friendly bandana

  • 1x Harry’s Bakery Dog Treats

How much is the Pet Friendly Kit?

  • Only €30!

  • Post: + €7 (Optional - as we are taking the kits to be collected in some parks and cafes around the city)

We are selling the kits to cover the costs we had so far, all other things we provided so far is available for free.

From that kits sales, we are also donating 20% for Dogs Angels Ireland, that we choose for being a small non-profit organization that rescues dogs and rehomes them.

Basically, purchasing one of our kits, you’re supporting this project, local Irish businesses and rescued dogs!

How can you order a Pet Friendly Kit?

Just message us on our Social Media (@petfriendlydublin) or email ( We’ll make some questions about bandana size and other details and have it ready to be posted or meet you for a coffee and delivery your kit! ;)

We know that small gestures can make a difference, and that’s why we are doing what we do: Growing community, supporting small businesses during hard times and helping non-profit institutions that help unwanted dogs are some of the things we are really proud of taking part.

We want to thank you all that are taking part in this with us! You have been amazing!

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