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Seven tips for going out with your pooch!

Want to start taking your dog out with you but you don’t have any idea how to do it? We have SEVEN TIPS + "what to bring list" to make your day out the best!

1. First things first: before going out, it might be a good idea to make your furry companion tired! Long walks and playing fetch can work to make your dog less energetic in public places.

2. Plan your day! Use our website to find the best place to eat, searching for location, using our filters and checking the business’ features: if they have a covered area for dogs, if all dog’s sizes are allowed and have a look at some photos to see if the place suits your needs and expectations

3. When arriving at the cafe/restaurant/pub, don’t forget to keep your dog on a leash all the time. Not everybody likes dogs (I know, I don't make any sense but it happens) and if other customers start to complain about our pooches, it is possible that some places become less friendly. Let’s play our parts in this!

4. As currently we just have outdoor seats available, it’s highly advisable to take a blanket or a dog mat to put on the floor. The days are getting colder and if you don’t have a lap dog, he/she will probably need something to keep warm. Oh, and if it’s cold, don’t forget your dog’s coat too!

5. Keep your dog entertained: toys and treats will do the job ( long last chewers, @kongcompany or @k9connectables filled with the right snack can be perfect to make them busy for a while). You also don’t want your dog begging your food the whole time, so don’t forget the dog's snacks!

6. Are you booking a table in a pet friendly business? Don’t forget to mention that you’re bringing your pooch! You can also ask if it’s possible to have a table reserved in a quieter area, if you prefer.

7. Go out again! Some dogs might be perfect since the first time, others can take some time. Try to take your dog to smaller and not so crowded places until he/she gets used to it and soon you both will be able to explore the whole world together.

This photo is from the first time Brie went out with us and she was ok, but not really relaxed. We have seen her improving so much, that's the proof that you have to try more than once!

I am sure that you notice that I recommend to take loads of stuff with you when visiting pet friendly places. Of course, it'll depend where we are going and how long we are planning to stay, but here’s a photo of Brie’s bag when we’re going out and all the items we take with us.

Brie's bag:

  • Blanket

  • Toys (2 types, just in case)

  • Poop bag

  • Muzzle

  • Dog Water Bottle from PawPool

  • Treats (Harry's bakery and Ali's Choice)

  • Pet Friendly Dublin Bandana

  • Pet Friendly Dublin Tote Bag

Every dog is different from the other. What works perfectly for one might be just the opposite for another. What do you usually do when going out with your dog? Tell us about it!

Hope these tips can help you to have a ball with your furry companion!

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