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Welcome Post!

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Hi there! Welcome to Pet Friendly Dublin!

We created this blog to share our experiences on the best pet friendly places in Dublin! You can expect to see our genuine review, tips and suggestions about what to eat/drink when visiting and everything we might think is useful for dog owners around the city.

Honestly, we are thrilled with the launch of our website and this blog, so I would like to thank all the supporters of our work. Every kind word makes our day, month and year. We are still working with love and care to bring the best information to you all. Hope you stay around because we’re full of great news!

Speaking of news, did you know that before 2017 dogs were prohibited in cafes and restaurants? Except for guide dogs and special needs companion dogs, before 2017 cafe and restaurant owners were prohibited from allowing dogs in their indoor areas. But happily, things changed! Now, most of the places can be or become pet friendly if they feel that there is interest from their clients.

We believe that dogs are part of our family and, honestly, life is better with them beside us. Therefore, our goal is to make Ireland more pet friendly! We always want more places to visit with our doggos and, also, to support the business that provides us with a good time with our furry companions. Never forget that together, we are stronger! So join the revolution and welcome to our pack! We will surely have so many adventures together :)

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