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Animal Support Clothing


Animal Support Clothing(ASC)is a print on demand website which provides clothing for animal lovers with cute and fun animal related sayings on them for both adults and children ex:Oh My Paws.We provide tshirts hoodies and more recently lightweight jackets as part of our Light&Bright 2021 Collection.We donate 10% of sales to various animal rescues around Ireland.The rescues centres do so much work for our animals so it is our way of trying to give back a little.If you have any queries send me a Dm on Instagram or an email and I will get back to you.

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All of Ireland


Discount Code: pfdublin for 10% off - Use the code at the checkout or for any items that are not currently on the website. Mention Pet Friendly Dublin when you Dm the page.

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(86) 874 6001


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