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HUMAC Supplements Ltd.



👋I am Introducing our company as a fully licensed organic feed distributor.

We are proud to support Ireland and start distributing 100% organic supplements with a minimum of 65% humic acids.

We focus on the wide range of applications of humic acids for the revitalization of the food chain, harmonization of the environment, and individual.

Our products are suitable for:

✅All animal species
✅Household Pets
✅Farm animals

They can also be used in organic farming

The products have been on the EU market for more than 10 years
We have more than 15 years of R&D

All products are:

✅Kosher certified
✅Hold GMP + feed safety assurance
✅Are Approved by the Department of Agriculture, Sea, and Marine

We are interested in creating partnerships with other businesses to help spread awareness about these amazing products and support animal health by using a more ecological approach.

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